Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yoga As An Exercise Routine At Home

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While you embark on establishing a nice exercise routine to do at home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of purchasing your own personal set of dumb-bells, weights, resistance bands, pull-up bars, and any other fitness equipment that will take up your space (and your wallet). Indeed, that is what the real gyms outside are for!

But, one thing to note is that you may actually not need any equipment to work out with at home.

Now, I may be speaking to only the ladies as I know there are a lot of you men out there that are determined to build muscle and add bulk and mass to your physique.

It may be my take on Western culture, or it may very well be what Western culture's stance on fitness, but I do feel as though our society puts a high emphasis on shredding muscle-fibers, grunting in pain from deadlifts and heavy squats as the preferred exercise routine. Pretty much everything coming from the outside in order to look good.

And, while all of those exercises really do lead to physical results, I feel as though this approach is somewhat backwards. Instead of focusing on our fitness on the outside, I feel that we should be able to focus from the inside first.

There seems to be somewhat of a disconnect when we only lift weights to concentrate on the exterior, while there are all of our organs breathing with life on the interior. Somehow, there should be a type of fitness that unites both together as one whole body (as we all have one body in this lifetime).

That is why I really do suggest that you consider yoga as a great method of physical fitness in your home gym. I find that yoga requires no lifting equipment, no cross-trainer shoes, and nothing else but me on a yoga mat in front of my TV.

What I really like about yoga is that I am forced to focus on my breathing (to make sure enough air is leaving and entering my lungs) as it makes a huge difference when I am stretching out my body into a simple pose that is somehow so difficult to hold. Every pose seems so simple, but it requires such strength in various parts of the body that I did not know existed.

What is also nice is that I happen to live in an apartment where there is ample natural daylight coming in from the porch, and I have plenty of hardwood floor space as well. But, even if I lived in a shoebox of an apartment in NYC, I could still manage to do my stretching poses, because I never have to leave the perimeter of my yoga mat. Never.

It really will draw your attention to every part of your body that usually gets neglected when you are doing a set of machine weight lifts. So much sweat comes out of your pores, carrying out toxins from within out to the surface, and you didn't even have to run or do a jumping jack.

I really love doing yoga at home because there will be times that I am short on cash and can't go to the local donation-based yoga studio for the week. Also, as pure and spiritual yoga is, there will be times where I just do not want to see someone next to me sweating all over my yoga mat! I'd rather be the only one sweating all over my home.

Although I take about an hour and a half doing yoga at home, it feels actually much better than if I did about 40 minutes of a weight-lifting exercise or cardio routine. In the end of it all, as I am lying down on my mat, I feel so tranquil. It is as though my body has been massaged from the inside-out.

To be honest, I actually feel like I am high off of something in the end of it all. Maybe it is called "Cloud 9" ;)

Believe it or not, there are many celebrities and models who maintain their gorgeous figure from doing yoga alone. Christy Turlington is a very prime example of a supermodel who has been a staple in fashion and commercial print ads, and as she is in her 40s she is still looking as radiant as she did when she was 20.

If she can keep such a toned and slender body shape, than so can you! Nevermind that she is a supermodel. And nevermind that she has very good genes and eats well and stays hydrated.

Well, my main point was that this could be an amazing exercise routine to include for your work out at home. Not only would it help you be in tune with your body, but it would also help you look and feel great, too!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kettlebell Workouts Key To Success

By Terry Rusty

The Kettlebell workout has quickly risen to popularity from celebrities to mixed martial artists to the guy next door all claiming that they have finally found the perfect workout and do you know what? They are right. The Kettlebell workout is fast, effective and will kick your butt from here to Sunday. Through this article I will outline the benefits of a Kettlebell workout.

The Kettlebell workout in its basic design makes the most simple exercise a powerhouse by utilizing all of the small muscles and connectors in one exercise to get the best results more quickly. With a basic Kettlebell swing your body is forced to use the muscles in your arms, back, legs, shoulders as well as a ton of smaller muscles to perform the exercise correctly in one simple exercise. With the design of the Kettlebell your body needs to use all of its facilities in order to make sure that you are performing the exercise correctly and maintaining your balance. The Kettlebell workout affects both your core muscles and many others ensuring that you get the most effective workout and reach your goals much more quickly.

Kettlebell workouts will save you a ton of time. With your basic gym workout a lot of time is spent going from machine to machine and waiting for lineups and with luck you may finish within a hour. The Kettlebell exercise routine you are combining both cardio and strength training with a large number of muscles so you can get out of the gym much more faster with better results. Here is a recent comment made by celebrity fitness trainer Missy Beaver about her client Katherine Heigel workout schedule "With Katherine's busy schedule, Kettlebell workouts are perfect because in 20-minute sessions you get a cardio, strength and flexibility workout that would take hours at the gym."

No bulky equipment. I can not stand going to the gym as I tend to focus on everything but my workout but a problem I run into is a home gym just does not fit into my small apartment very well. When I was introduced to the Kettlebell workout the first thing that crossed my mind is how easy it would be to store this piece of exercise equipment and after putting it to the test I knew that my gym days were over.

The Kettlebell workout has been around for a very long time because it can get your body into great shape fast and effectively. If your fitness gains have plateaued then it is time to try out Kettlebells and your body will quickly respond.

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