Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kettlebell Workouts Key To Success

By Terry Rusty

The Kettlebell workout has quickly risen to popularity from celebrities to mixed martial artists to the guy next door all claiming that they have finally found the perfect workout and do you know what? They are right. The Kettlebell workout is fast, effective and will kick your butt from here to Sunday. Through this article I will outline the benefits of a Kettlebell workout.

The Kettlebell workout in its basic design makes the most simple exercise a powerhouse by utilizing all of the small muscles and connectors in one exercise to get the best results more quickly. With a basic Kettlebell swing your body is forced to use the muscles in your arms, back, legs, shoulders as well as a ton of smaller muscles to perform the exercise correctly in one simple exercise. With the design of the Kettlebell your body needs to use all of its facilities in order to make sure that you are performing the exercise correctly and maintaining your balance. The Kettlebell workout affects both your core muscles and many others ensuring that you get the most effective workout and reach your goals much more quickly.

Kettlebell workouts will save you a ton of time. With your basic gym workout a lot of time is spent going from machine to machine and waiting for lineups and with luck you may finish within a hour. The Kettlebell exercise routine you are combining both cardio and strength training with a large number of muscles so you can get out of the gym much more faster with better results. Here is a recent comment made by celebrity fitness trainer Missy Beaver about her client Katherine Heigel workout schedule "With Katherine's busy schedule, Kettlebell workouts are perfect because in 20-minute sessions you get a cardio, strength and flexibility workout that would take hours at the gym."

No bulky equipment. I can not stand going to the gym as I tend to focus on everything but my workout but a problem I run into is a home gym just does not fit into my small apartment very well. When I was introduced to the Kettlebell workout the first thing that crossed my mind is how easy it would be to store this piece of exercise equipment and after putting it to the test I knew that my gym days were over.

The Kettlebell workout has been around for a very long time because it can get your body into great shape fast and effectively. If your fitness gains have plateaued then it is time to try out Kettlebells and your body will quickly respond.

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